Clinical Research

Clinical Research

The clinical stage of the products developed by Research and Development (R&D) is executed by the Clinical Research area, which works together with renowned physicians (within their specialties) and a multidisciplinary team.

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Eurofarma is constantly investing in Research and Development (R&D) and expanding its portfolio and offer of innovative products. The quest for high quality standards is one of the company’s pillars. With the easing of restrictions associated to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Clinical Research area had a very busy year and worked on the clinical development of incremental products in different therapeutic areas. In 2022, three clinical studies were approved, in addition to regulatory applications to four other products.  

Throughout the year, 22 clinical and 71 bioequivalence studies were conducted, totaling 93 research projects involving human subjects. Altogether, 142 research centers, located in Brazil, India, and Latin American countries were involved, with the participation of more than 3.2 thousand people. Investments in the area added up to R$ 49 million.  

In addition to that, Eurofarma has a clinical strategy to substantiate the products developed by its R&D area, which works in partnership with renowned medical researchers. In addition to that, the Clinical Research area actively collaborates with multidisciplinary groups to outline its clinical protocols, with clinical trials in therapeutic areas such as: rheumatology, endocrinology, infectology, and neurology.  

The Clinical Research area also includes the development of generic and similar drugs (generic brand products), which account for a large part of the company’s portfolio of products. In order to register generic and similar drugs, the conduction of Relative Bioequivalence/Bioavailability studies, generally in healthy volunteers, is required to demonstrate the absence of any significant difference between the bioavailability of a same active principle when comparing two equivalent pharmaceutical products administered at the same dose and under similar conditions, according to the protocol defined and approved for such purpose. In addition to human health, the Clinical Research area is also responsible for medicinal products for the large animal health (especially bovines) and pig farming segments. To confirm the efficacy and safety of those drugs many studies are conducted with the target species, and only after they have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farming products can be commercialized. 

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