Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

We believe in broad and sustainable development, which always aims at economic, social, and environmental balance. Therefore, we are committed in the areas of education, culture and sports, citizenship, environment, among other segments. We are the only pharmaceutical company to win four awards from the Exame Sustainability Guide.

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The perennial focus on sustainable development is one of Eurofarma’s strategic pillars, as a part of its commitment with the future and the next generations. From small to great attitudes and causes, the company has daily built and solidified important foundations in synergy with its values and ideals regarding sustainability and social responsibility. It is supported by investments in technologies and the adoption of good practices to reduce as much as possible the company’s impact on the environment and contribute to build a fairer society. 

Our vision of the future and our aspirations for the next 50 years are intrinsically connected to sustainability in regard to all the issues related to the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles. The company has consistently treaded a sustainable path for 15 years, when its first Sustainability Plan was established. During that period, Eurofarma has become a reference in terms of sustainable practices in the sector.   

With clear goals and objectives, Eurofarma has invested in innovative projects in the areas of Education, the Environment, Health, Sports, and Culture. The company counts on Social Responsibility, Environmental, and Cultural and Sports Sponsorship Committees to manage its decision-making and monitoring processes. 

Every two years, the company applies the Social Responsibility indicators self-diagnosis tool devised by the Ethos Institute, and the results have guided the decisions made by the Corporate Responsibility Committee and the action plans adopted in different areas of the Company. Since 2012, Eurofarma has been a member of Ethos Institute’s benchmarking group, and has been one of the 10 companies with the best performance in the evaluation scores.  

Sustainability has been incorporated into the company’s business operations and in its relations with society at large. Eurofarma is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and has adopted the 10 therein-proposed principles. 

Culture and Sport

Support for projects aimed at culture and sport

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Education as the key to the most fundamental achviements

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Innovating to address the challenges related to sustainability

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Actions in the areas of complementary, environmental education and youth training

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