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Do you know who is responsible for the safety of our drug products? 

The Eurofarma Group Pharmacovigilance is the area responsible for monitoring all adverse events that may occur during the use of our products. This control is critical for maintaining the safety and efficacy of the drugs we produce and market, as it prevents and minimizes any harm to our patients' health, in addition to bringing other benefits to the treatments.

When should I contact? 

Upon the emergence of any adverse event, that is, any unforeseen or unwanted medical occurrence during the treatment, which may or may not be related to the drug. 

What adverse events should be reported? 

  • Suspected adverse reactions that are symptoms;
  • Suspected therapeutic inefficacy;
  • Medication errors, which can be defined as any unintentional error during the entire drug chain;
  • Uses other than those recommended in the package insert (off-label term);
  • Poisoning;
  • Abuse and overdose of drugs;
  • Overdose;
  • Accidental exposure;
  • Occupational exposure;
  • Lactational or gestational exposure;
  • Unexpected beneficial effects, being partial or complete improvement of some symptom that is not indicated in the drug package insert;
  • Adverse events caused by quality deviations;
  • Drug interactions; when two drugs can act on each other causing harm or effect. 

You are part of our safety:

The Eurofarma Group Pharmacovigilance evaluates each and every notification received, in order to guarantee our patients’ integrity and to monitor continuously the risk-benefit profile of our drugs. 

We are in constant communication with regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals and, through their notification on adverse events, we are able to anticipate possible health risks, influence the reasonable use of drugs, map possible updates to the package inserts of our products, and promote safety actions for the entire population.

All information received is kept confidential. We emphasize our ethical and responsible commitment to complying with regulatory and data protection requirements.

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We count on your cooperation to notify about potential adverse events that occur to you, your family or friends during or after treatment with the Eurofarma Group product. 

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Reporting an adverse event

To report an adverse event related to one of our products, please fill out the form below:

If you experience serious symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately.




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