Technology and innovation combined to provide the development and distribution of medicines throughout Latin America

Our Eurolab
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Eurolab was born to house Eurofarma's innovative present and future. The gigantic 21,170 m² space, built at the company's Itapevi Unit, constitutes an unprecedented structure and ecosystem for the pharmaceutical industry — not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America.

Eurolab is in operation to strengthen the company's main strategy: innovation. Innovation that permeates the 15 goals of Vision 2027, one of which is directly linked to the expansion of exclusive products in the company's portfolio, a front in which Eurolab will provide immense advancement. The space has state-of-the-art laboratories and a mini factory for the production of medicines for clinical studies.

Introducing Eurolab

R$ 155 million

invested in the construction of Eurolab

R$ 615 million

earmarked for R&D in 2023


professionals dedicated to the development of new generic products, incremental and radical innovations


dedicating revenue to R&D by 2030 

Eurolab X-ray
Eurolab's gigantic structure allows all stages of the development of a new product to be carried out, including a mini factory.
Our structure
6 high-end laboratories

Among the highlights are the Pre-formulation Laboratory and the Formulation Laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology for the development of solid, liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms.

Mini factory

Eurolab has a scaling factory, a reduced size copy of the industrial plant. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to interrupt a production line to carry out tests. The mini factory will be certified and will be able to produce batches for clinical studies.


28 rooms dedicated to developing formulations. There are 800 m² dedicated to the development of analytical methodologies.

Cutting-edge equipment

Eurolab has hundreds of chromatography devices and 12 synthesis hoods.

Doctors as partners

Analytical park in which doctors can contribute to the search for ideal treatment for problems experienced on a daily basis.

Specialized team

+600 professionals.

Organic Synthesis Laboratory

Radical Innovation Laboratory dedicated to the Organic Synthesis of small molecules and the identification of molecules derived from Natural Products.

Radical Innovation
Created in 2014, Eurofarma's Radical Innovation Center now has an exclusive area to dedicate itself to revolutionary projects for the development of innovative medicines to treat pathologies such as pain, infection, obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as projects for diseases neglected.


The entire team of chemists and pharmacologists are doctors with post-doctoral degrees.

Expertise in computational chemistry

The team of scientists leads the company's cutting-edge projects, such as the partnership with Cyclica, which uses artificial intelligence and computational biophysics in the process of discovering new medicines.

Discovery Area

120 m² dedicated to the synthesis of new molecules. 12 hoods, two of which are for scaling up to 1 kg of drug.



+2,600 molecules already designed and obtained for projects to discover new drugs in the areas of pain, depression, leishmaniasis and antimicrobials.

Sustainability everywhere
Eurolab is one of the largest pharmaceutical innovation centers in Latin America. The space was designed to integrate all areas of Innovation and to also reflect Eurofarma's vision of sustainability.


Reduction of consumption in the refrigeration system of up to 90%, compared to traditional systems.


Toilets have vacuum technology, consuming only 1 liter of water per flush. The traditional method consumes 10 liters.


100% of the building's lighting is made with LED technology, saving energy.