Become our supplier
Become our supplier

Eurofarma conducts business worldwide and has a portfolio of over 10,000. The company has a Supplier Code, on which relationships with service providers are based.

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We are the first pharmaceutical multinational with 100% Brazilian capital and the one that invests the most in innovation. Since our founding in 1972, we have been operating in the health sector by producing, promoting and selling products and services with a focus on improving people's quality of life.

We invest in building long-term partnerships, moderated by ethics and shared values ​​of respect for the socioeconomic environment. We conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, fairness and always driven by a sustainability vision, in all its fields. We guide all employees to respect these standards, avoiding conflicts of interest and always observing the rules and regulations accepted by the company.

With that in mind, we also instituted the Supplier Code of Ethics and Conduct, which provides guidelines that must be followed by suppliers, so that they are in line with the company's values.

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