Clinical Research

Clinical Research

The clinical stage of the products developed by Research and Development (R&D) is executed by the Clinical Research area, which works together with renowned physicians (within their specialties) and a multidisciplinary team.

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We constantly invest in Research and Development (R&D), expanding our portfolio and offering innovative products. Pursuing high quality is one of the company’s pillars. Investments in R&D totaled BRL 363 million in 2020 and should grow 12% over the medium-term horizon. We have fulfilled our role among the largest companies in Brazil with a solid stake in Latin America.

The clinical strategy to support the products developed by R&D is defined and guided by the Clinical Research area, which works together with renowned medical researchers. In addition, Clinical Research actively collaborates in multidisciplinary groups to design their clinical protocols, with clinical trials in the therapeutic areas of rheumatology, endocrinology, infectology and neurology.

Radical development is in the company’s crosshairs, with investments including the earliest stages of discovering a new compound, so that after all preclinical (in vitro and in vivo) and clinical (human) tests are performed, innovative and promising drugs can reach the population.

The Clinical Research area also encompasses the development of generic and similar (branded generic) drugs that correspond to a large part of the product portfolio. For the registration of generic and similar drugs, conducting Relative Bioavailability/Bioequivalence studies, usually in healthy volunteers, is required. Their purpose is to demonstrate the absence of significant differences between the bioavailability of the same active ingredient when comparing two equivalent pharmaceutical products administered at the same dose and under similar conditions, according to a protocol defined and approved for such purpose. In addition to human health, the Clinical Research area is also responsible for medicinal products for the large animal segment (mainly cattle) and pig farming. Several studies are conducted on target species to prove the efficacy and safety of these drugs, which are marketed only after approval by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

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