Research and Development
We constantly invest in research and development by expanding our portfolio and offering more affordable products to our customers.

Our commitment and pursuit of innovation guide major milestones along our path, such as the launch of Brazil’s first generic oncological product in the early 2000s, and shortly thereafter, generic oral and injectable contraceptives ahead of the competition.

In 2018, we provided the market with the first biosimilar drug in Latin America – Fiprima® (filgrastim). There are only 20 other biosimilar drugs worldwide (19 in Europe and 1 in the United States). The drug is used to induce an increase in the body’s defense cells for patients with some types of cancer, such as breast cancer and leukemia, helping to prevent the emergence of opportunistic infectious diseases.

One focus of R&D projects is to address segments that are unsupported by the pharmaceutical industry, such as the antibiotic, metabolism and obesity, central nervous system, and oncology divisions. Radical innovation entails focusing on the search for anti-infective molecules with unanswered demand in the southern hemisphere. To this end, we have joined the international research and development front for neglected diseases.

We are striving to strengthen our foundations and maintain our pioneering spirit to achieve the goal: to have the first new molecule in the coming years. In 2018, an organic synthesis laboratory was inaugurated with a capacity to produce up to 1 kg of chemical compound. In 2019, the Eurofarma Innovation Center will house projects related to radical innovation, biotechnology, biosimilar drugs and new technological platforms, with investments of over BRL 155 million in the Itapevi Industrial Complex in Grande São Paulo.