Who we are

Who we are

We are the first 100% Brazilian-owned multinational pharmaceutical company, and the one that invests the most in innovation. Since our establishment in 1972, we have been promoting and marketing innovative products and services with a focus on improving people’s quality of life.

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Promote access to health and quality of life with treatments at a fair price and profitable operations, which ensures the sustainable growth of the company and the sharing of value generated with employees and society.

Aspiration - On the 100 year route

Operating in the health sector and with a global reach, we will soon be one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Recognized for our ESG practices, we will be among the most sought companies to work for. Faithful to the purpose of promoting access to affordable health care and quality of life, we will continue to strive to discover new treatments and build a legacy of innovation.

Vision 2027

Leaders in Latin America, we will advance in the USA and other geographies. With sustainable growth, we will evolve organically and through innovative products, acquisitions and technological solutions in health. Faithful to the purpose of access and quality of life, we will be recognized for our culture, people management and ESG practices.

Eurofarma is a 100% Brazilian owned multinational company and, since 1972, has been recognized by the medical community and society for promoting broad access to health and quality of life through affordable health care, quality and innovation.

For more than 50 years, the Eurofarma Group has operated in the health sector by producing and commercializing products and services to improve people’s quality of life. It has diversified operations in all of the main segments, such as Medical Prescriptions, Over-the-Counter Drugs, Generic Drugs, Hospital Services and Oncological Care, in addition to exportation and drug production outsourcing. In Brazil alone, it offers more than 2k products, covering 42 medical specialties and more than 200 therapeutic classes. In addition to that, the corporation is the 1st most prescribed pharmaceutical company in Brazil.

The Eurofarma Group is present in 24 countries, covering 100% of the Latin American market. In 2023, it reported net sales amounting to R$ 9,1 billion, and today it employs more than 12 thousand collaborators. It closed the year 2023 with two important acquisitions: Genfar, Sanofi's generics operation based in Colombia, and affiliates in Ecuador and Peru, and 7 Sanofi assets for the markets of Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay.

Being recognized for its pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vocation since the start of its activities, the company counts on national and international partnerships, under different cooperation models, such as licenses, distribution, service provision and production agreements, joint ventures, and co-development, among others. With a focus on innovation, the corporation invested R$ 680 million and has a pipeline with more than 360 projects and plans to expand into important global markets.

In addition to high R&D investments made to develop new products, Eurofarma has invested more broadly in innovation in the health area, from new technologies to optimize our processes to disruptive platforms aimed at devising new business models.

The company’s commitment to innovation led it to create, in 2017, the Eurofarma Synapsis project, ( EurON Open Innovation)  a partnership and incentive model for startup companies dedicated to the development of disruptive health service technologies. Until now, this program has already attracted more than 1 thousand registered companies, 300 of them have been evaluated, and more than 50 have been “started-up,” of which 39 have already implemented pilot projects, and more than 50% of them have signed a contract with the company. It was expanded in 2022 to all the countries where we operate in Latin America. 

In 2019, the company held the first edition of EmergeLabs Eurofarma, a program to build a bridge between enterprising and creative scientists and the health market, thus reinforcing our commitment to the development of the national innovation and health ecosystem. 

Eurofarma values human capital as its most important asset. The Group counts on more than 12 thousand collaborators, with more than 7 thousand in Brazil alone. It also has one of the largest sales and medical advertising forces in the market, with more than 3.7 thousand collaborators, who hold approximately 630 thousand medical contacts per month.  A company with solid values, which grows in a sustainable manner, strives for excellence, and is driven by challenges while taking every new step as if it were the first one.

Having been elected since the 2000’s as one of the best companies to work for, for 10 years it was included in the ranking of the “Best Companies to Work for” elaborated by business magazine Revista Exame Você S/A, and in 2014 it was included in the “Época GPTW (Great Place to Work)” ranking. In 2023 the company was elected, for the 20th consecutive year, as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil in a survey held by GPTW. At the international level, it has won many recognition prizes in other countries where it operates, including a title as the best pharmaceutical company to work for in Latin America.

As the only six-time winner pharmaceutical company in the “Exame Sustainability Guide” (currently the “Exame ESG Guide”), it consolidated its adhesion to the UN Global Compact in 2015, by committing itself to follow in its activities the 10 principles of the document established by the United Nations Organization. This initiative sets forth the adoption of business practices based on ethical and responsible values in areas such as the environment, human rights, labor relations, and the fight against corruption. In 2017, the company launched a pioneering value chain Sustainability Program in partnership with the Ethos Institute, with the purpose of evaluating and monitoring the good business practices of its direct input suppliers. 

In the social sphere, the Eurofarma Institute has acted to promote the formation and qualification of youngsters through regular and complimentary education projects, which have benefitted more than 15 thousand students every year. This initiative has already provided more than 155 thousand direct assistance actions, offering additional support to children, environmental education, and development actions for young, adult and elderly people. Investments in this sector have already exceeded R$ 164 million.


Galliano and Maria Teresa Billi arrived in Brazil by ship in 1957. The Italian immigrant couple, both University of Bologna graduates, came to the country in the post-war period in search of opportunities.

After 16 years of working for the laboratories Lepetit and Richter as an industrial executive, Galliano Billi was able to fulfill his lifelong dream in 1972: starting his own company. With a notorious entrepreneurial acumen and visionary insight, he started off with a small laboratory in Interlagos, which now houses the Eurofarma Institute – the company’s social branch.

He started purchasing and restoring second-hand machinery and established Billi Farmacêutica – Eurofarma Group’s very first company. At the time, Galliano used his manufacturing expertise in the medication sector to offer production services to other pharmaceutical companies – a groundbreaking and unprecedented idea that later became what we know as outsourcing.

The company has grown a lot since then, both organically and inorganically. The group acquired other companies and products, diversified its activities, ventured into different segments, and firmly held on to its goal of becoming a large and renowned conglomerate. The group adopted the umbrella brand Eurofarma in the 1990s. Throughout this journey of accomplishments, the company faced countless adversities and challenges, without ever losing track of its goals and values. It never gave up its ethical principles and aspirations of greatness.

In a very natural process that took place in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Galliano’s son and successor, Maurizio Billi, took charge of the company he had joined in 1977 – a position he holds to this day. As chief executive and reference shareholder, it was up to him to lead the teams to maintain Eurofarma’s growth trajectory, consolidate its position in Brazil, and start the company’s internationalization project.

Our manifest

We are passionate about what we do and we do everything with the best quality.

We provide access to medicines at a fair price and we are present even in the most remote places. Our social role is always side by side with our business.

We believe in quality relationships and long-term results. For us, success is doing the right thing, the right way. We determinedly pursue sustainable growth, improving our operations and reducing our environmental impact. The longevity of our business is linked to the generation of shared value.

We create opportunities and share results. We invest in people and in the development of our entire network: our employees, doctors, healthcare professionals, our surroundings and society as a whole.

We have a vocation to grow, we innovate and take risks to meet the needs of patients and medical communities. The more we grow, the more we give back, reinvesting the financial result in health development.

We assume our responsibility for the future, always with the optimistic outlook of those who trust in their own steps and the boldness of those who are not afraid of any challenge. We have the power to transform people's lives. We will continue to believe in science, in life and in the future so that everyone can live longer and better.

Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures
Grupo Eurofarma also operates in different areas and businesses, as shown below: